My new Android app, Check Yourself, has been released on the Google Play store! Check Yourself is an app aimed at diabetics, designed to help manage blood sugar levels.

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Checking your blood sugar levels after eating is an important part of managing diabetes. Blood sugar should usually be checked about two hours after a meal to ensure that you've taken the correct amount of insulin for the meal you've eaten, but remembering exactly when you should be checking can be tricky. It's important to check at the correct time so you know the range your blood sugar should be in so you can work out whether or not you need to take a correcting dose of insulin.

Use the Check Yourself app to set daily reminders to check your blood sugar levels after each meal - for instance, set a notification to appear two hours after your usual mealtime so you know when to check. You can add multiple recurring alarms which repeat every day after each meal, or set a one-off manual reminder if you have a snack.

Check Yourself is available now on Google Play.

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I created the Check Yourself app to help me manage my long-term blood sugar levels (which are monitored by your hba1c levels) after I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, since I kept forgetting to check my blood sugar levels after meals to see if I needed to take any corrective boluses. Hopefully this will be useful to other people with diabetes as well.